Get 25% Off Our Used Appliances!

There has never been a better time to buy a used appliance from us! We have over 350 appliances ready to go out the door, all marked down 25% off the regular price. It's our Winter Clearance Sale and we want this stuff gone!

Below are starting prices for our used appliances:

Washers $150
Dryers $150
Refrigerator $190
Electric Range $175
Gas Ranges $225
Dishwashers $50

Stop by and check our inventory today!

What You Need To Know About One-Of-A-Kind Appliances

When an appliance store is delivering an appliance to a customer's home, the customer has the right to refuse the appliance for any sensible reason. Sometimes there's a blemish, it's the wrong color or they simply changed their mind about the sale. Regardless of the reason, as soon as the appliance is out of the box, the appliance cannot be resold as new.

I buy these appliances by the truck load and sell them at a significantly reduced price.

For example, this Samsung refrigerator is on sale at Lowes and Home Depot for $2499. Remember, that's the discount price from a Big Box store. I'm selling this refrigerator for $1,225! I can't find any scratches or smudges anywhere. There is nothing wrong with this refrigerator and it's half the price of the big box store sale price. This isn't even the best deal on my floor currently. Below are a few example of what I currently have in stock.

All of these appliances come with the manufacture warranty.

We have a v…